The Top 5 diets that are a must try in 2018

In 2018 people are looking to eat more healthily for various reasons such as a technique to shed off some extra weight. Nutritionist all-round the globe are looking for new recipes to make organic diets that are healthy. There are several diets that are competitively making their mark among the top 5 diets of 2018. The ranking of the diets is done by the panel of healthy food experts based on several aspects such as health related safety, the effectiveness of the diet to achieve the intended purpose in the body both instantly and after certain duration of time.

Dash Diet

This diet known as the dash diet has been specifically created for individuals that have a blood pressure that is high. The diet consists of lean proteins, assortment of fruits, dairy that is low fat, whole grain and vegetables. There are certain types of foods that individuals are supposed to avoid such as certain type of oils, sweets, fat that is saturated, beverages containing sugar and  dairy products containing full-fat.

Mediterranean diet

The name of the diet originates from the feeding habits of individuals residing in the Mediterranean nations. This diet has been associated with healthy eating and good health over the years which explain why it is on the list of top 5 diets in 2018. The diet mostly consists of vegetables, fruits, olive oil, nuts and fish.

Flexitarian diet

The name of the diet is derived from the combination of the words vegetarian and flexible. The diet is aimed at promoting vegetarian dishes to be consumed more regularly in order for individuals to maintain, gain or regain good health. The dishes do not necessary mean that one has to do away with meat dishes.

Weight Watchers

This dish has gained its popularity due to promotion by celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey. This diet aims at establishing a standard quantity or amount of food that each individual is supposed to consume in a single day. The smallest portion of the meal should consist of high nutrient foods while the high percentage consists of sweets. Learning the right portions of food to consume is essential for our health which explains why the diet has gained its popularity among the top 5 diets in 2018. Visit Weight Watchers here.

Mind diet

The diet is mainly aimed on the protection of the brain. With a mix of both Mediterranean and Dash diets, it helps in prevention of diseases such as Alzheimer and is also said to control brain death according to research hence its appearance among the top 5 diets in 2018. It’s mainly advised that one should observe consumption of brain healthy food groups and avoid red meat and foods with high levels of cholesterol, such as butter, cheese and fast foods.