How long is the Tour de France

In those days, long distance cycle races were employed as one of the most effective means to achieve maximum sales of more newspapers. Since its inception,. Tour de France has taken different lengths. The first race went from 31st of May to 5th of July, a five day trip. This race would start from the night and go through to the next days’ afternoon. However, revisions of this race have been made and up to now, the case is not the same.

Mass start stages

The mass start stages is categorized into flat, hilly and mountainous regions. In this stage, the points that are awarded to the sprinters. In this classification, the 3 km principle is integrated including the disqualification time between which the cyclists muct finish. The disqualification time consists of the winner’s time added to the pre-established percentage of that time. Time bonuses of 10, 6 and 4 seconds are awarded to the first three people that finish first.

Time trials

The first stage is usually a short trial which is a prologue that helps decide who puts on which color on the launching day. The last time trial has in several instances featured as the final stage.

Noble stages

To mark a stage to start or finish incorporates the exploits of the prologue and the first stage commonly referred to as the Grand depart. The race usually starts with a prologue which is known to be too short to go between towns. In this case, the start of the next day’s racing serves as the first stage.

Modern edition of Tour de France

The modern version of this race is made up of a three weeks stages cutting across up top 23-day periods. Tour de France covers up to 3500 km, which translates in to 2200 miles. The race takes a clockwise and anticlockwise format all across France.

The 23 day periods of the Tour de France stretch to accommodate all the schedule stages that the participants have to engage in and does not leave out the resting moments.

Covering up to 35oo kilometers is not easy and for this reason, the riders have to use some resting and feeding time. On this account, they are conscious on what they consume and how they rest so much so that it sets them in the best condition for when the race resumes. That notwithstanding, each team of riders strives to deliver the best for their respective teams.