Can Kids Do Yoga?

The short answer is yes. The long answer has been described here in the form of points which state why they must do yoga. Yoga is becoming the new fad nowadays with celebrities, professional athletes of other sports continually taking up the age – old art which provides mental conditioning and physical exercise at the same time. Yoga is extremely beneficial for growing children and if you child has not started doing it, make sure to commence it as soon as possible!

  • Mental Soothing : Yoga provides the required mental break for kids away from the pressures and schools and the endless addiction to tv and video games. The yoga poses require the mind to be still and the atmosphere to be quiet, as a result, the child experiences himself / herself the closest and it is a moment where they can just be. Also, constantly pressurizing them to complete tasks can mentally tire them, the yoga on the other hand, gives them the down time and the ‘chill’.
  • Yoga unlike other sports; cannot be competed and does not have a winner. Everyone who does yoga is a winner and this sense of victory translates as success to other areas of life if inculcated early in the life of the children. Also, it is not at the ability to do a particular pose. Even the most seemingly simple poses are equally complex as poses that require flexibility of the body, because, yoga is not about the body alone. It is also about the mind.
  • Inculcating the habit of yoga at an early age gives a sense of courage to the kids. When they do the physically challenging poses, they get the impression that they are tough and cannot be easily challenged. This replicates in whatever they do. If they learn to tackle these poses, it gives them the courage to tackle anything in life.
  • Focus is one attribute, yoga is immensely known for. All the while during the poses, one has to keep mind still and practice them in a soft and serene environment. The kids learn to only focus on their movements and breaths during yoga. This habit translates into their school activities as well, tremendously. The focus helps them fare better in tests and also improves their ability to grasp new learning.