Best diet apps on Samsungs

Samsung phones supported apps are rather versatile and those looking for a healthy diet app will find lots of useful ones. These applications will help you calculate and count calories, choose the perfect menu, calculate your BMI and provide tips and tricks on the best diet for your body type. Furthermore, people love these apps because they keep you motivated and you can track your daily and weekly progress. Lots of them have the integrated heart rate monitor and other useful tools not only for diet, but for suitable fitness exercise as well. Here are the best diet apps on Samsungs.

#1- MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter & Fitness Tracker

This is certainly one of the most popular applications of this type currently on the market for Samsung users. This application has everything that a person on a diet needs. There’s a base of over 2 million diet recipes! The application automatically remembers your favorite dishes, so it recommends those that are similar to them. How convenient! Many of those who have used it have only words of praise. Most Android market comments on this app are very positive.

#2- Fooducate

This application, despite being free, is not used as often as the MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter & Fitness Tracker app. However, it is a very good app, but in a different way. It has a completely different approach to diets. Its focus is not only on losing weight but also on changing eating habits. With this application you can monitor calorie intake and loss. It gives you information on food quality by showing all the nutrition values of the food you eat. It also helps you put together a list of healthy foods.

#3- Endomondo

This is not a diet app, but rather a fitness app. Actually, it is one of the best fitness motivation apps in the market suitable for Samsung phones as well. It is important to exercise in the same time when you are on a diet. If you don’t exercise, you might encounter saggy skin problem after losing weight. Also, the weight you lost might bounce back after your diet. Regular exercising will prevent this. This app has millions of users around the world. It uses GPS to keep track of how much you walk, run or ride a bike and helps you have a clear view of how much you actually practice and how many calories you lose.