Best diet apps on iPhones

If you are on a diet and want to lose the excess weight, there are some amazing apps for your iPhone that can help you. With these applications, you will be healthier and will easily keep records of your calories and lost kilograms. We bring you an overview of the best free iPhone apps that can help you with organizing your healthy diet, body building and weight loss.

#1- Lose it!

This is a very popular application specifically designed for iPhone owners. This application has a barcode scanner, an amazing recipe base and a large base of healthy food and fitness activities. Users of this application can also add a certain type of food and specify the amount they took in order to monitor proteins, carbohydrates and fats intake. Great, isn’t it?

#2- Calorie Counter

This nutrition monitoring app is easy to use, based on detailed and very specific daily food records and supports bar code technology. The application has a rather large base of food items. By specifying your current weight and height, as well as age and gender, the application provides information on how much calories are enough in order to reduce your weight in a healthy way.

#3- Good Food Near You

This is a perfect application for those who travel often and want to stay fit in the same time. You will get recommendations on places that offer healthy foods, depending on your GPS location and chosen prefered nutrition and diet type. Then, you can choose one of the suggestions and you will be presented with a list of healthy foods along with its calories, fats, and carbohydrates. When you decide where to eat, the application will guide you to the place you want. It is very convenient and useful.

#4- GymGoal ABC

A good, balanced diet should be strengthened with good and proper physical activity. GymGoal ABC is one of the best fitness apps for iPhones. Learn the correct exercising posture, fitness alphabet through more than 250 types of exercises supported by animations and written instructions.

#5- Supplements Guide

This iOS app guides you through the most beneficial fitness supplements which will help regenerate your body after a hard training. Sometimes, it may be difficult to keep a balanced nutrients intake when on diet. This may weaken your body and prevent you from exercising and even losing weight in the end. This app can help you choose the right supplements and achieve better overall organize your diet and exercising better.