What supplements should I be taking after running?

It is well-known that the main source of energy for athletes is a healthy and  well – balanced diet. However, depending on your body goals, age, gender and exercise intensity and frequency, it is desirable to use some supplements like steroids and growth hormones in relation to the mentioned conditions and especially in case of greater efforts. Physical efforts increase the need for calories, nutrients, vitamins and minerals and it is common thing for runners to add vitamins and minerals to their diet. It is sometimes difficult to intake all neccessary nutrients via the natural way, the food. The climate, season and lack of time are only some of the obstacles in this way. There are plenty of high-quality products in the market designed by pharmacists, doctors, nutricionists and professional sportists that can help runners regenerate their body after training.

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Why are supplements after running so important?

Adequate, dosed and timely consumption of good supplements is very important for overall well-being or a runner and his / her success in this field. Supplements help runners achieve the following goals:

  • Increase endurance
  • Recover after running
  • Decrease muscle inflammation recovery time
  • Stimulate muscle tissue regeneration
  • Prevents injuries.

Furthermore, there are some very specific supplements that should be taken after running. These have specific goals, such as the supplements for muscle growth.

It is important to know that needs and accordingly the supplements for runners are different from bodybuilding supplements. Some people who are new in running make this mistake. This affects their performance and health.

What should the supplements after running be like?

After an intensive training, including running as well, it is necessary to recover lost energy and supply muscles with food. The supplements runners should take after their training should be rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins and calcium, iron and beta carotene. These will help them gain more flexibility, endurance and strength. Let’s not forget that strong is the new sexy!

What is the recommended carbohydrates – protein ratio?

The recommended ratio of carbohydrates and proteins after intensive running is 4: 1. This ratio results in a greater synthesis of glycogen in muscles than when you consume only carbohydrates. You can try these natural options:

  • 1 banana and a glass of milk (low fat)
  • A portion of cereals with low fat milk
  • Low calorie yoghurt (with fresh fruit, e.g. Berries)
  • A glass of chocolate milk.

You can also opt for supplements designed according to the 4:1 ratio as well.

Can Kids Do Yoga?

The short answer is yes. The long answer has been described here in the form of points which state why they must do yoga. Yoga is becoming the new fad nowadays with celebrities, professional athletes of other sports continually taking up the age – old art which provides mental conditioning and physical exercise at the same time. Yoga is extremely beneficial for growing children and if you child has not started doing it, make sure to commence it as soon as possible!

  • Mental Soothing : Yoga provides the required mental break for kids away from the pressures and schools and the endless addiction to tv and video games. The yoga poses require the mind to be still and the atmosphere to be quiet, as a result, the child experiences himself / herself the closest and it is a moment where they can just be. Also, constantly pressurizing them to complete tasks can mentally tire them, the yoga on the other hand, gives them the down time and the ‘chill’.
  • Yoga unlike other sports; cannot be competed and does not have a winner. Everyone who does yoga is a winner and this sense of victory translates as success to other areas of life if inculcated early in the life of the children. Also, it is not at the ability to do a particular pose. Even the most seemingly simple poses are equally complex as poses that require flexibility of the body, because, yoga is not about the body alone. It is also about the mind.
  • Inculcating the habit of yoga at an early age gives a sense of courage to the kids. When they do the physically challenging poses, they get the impression that they are tough and cannot be easily challenged. This replicates in whatever they do. If they learn to tackle these poses, it gives them the courage to tackle anything in life.
  • Focus is one attribute, yoga is immensely known for. All the while during the poses, one has to keep mind still and practice them in a soft and serene environment. The kids learn to only focus on their movements and breaths during yoga. This habit translates into their school activities as well, tremendously. The focus helps them fare better in tests and also improves their ability to grasp new learning.

Best diet apps on iPhones

If you are on a diet and want to lose the excess weight, there are some amazing apps for your iPhone that can help you. With these applications, you will be healthier and will easily keep records of your calories and lost kilograms. We bring you an overview of the best free iPhone apps that can help you with organizing your healthy diet, body building and weight loss.

#1- Lose it!

This is a very popular application specifically designed for iPhone owners. This application has a barcode scanner, an amazing recipe base and a large base of healthy food and fitness activities. Users of this application can also add a certain type of food and specify the amount they took in order to monitor proteins, carbohydrates and fats intake. Great, isn’t it?

#2- Calorie Counter

This nutrition monitoring app is easy to use, based on detailed and very specific daily food records and supports bar code technology. The application has a rather large base of food items. By specifying your current weight and height, as well as age and gender, the application provides information on how much calories are enough in order to reduce your weight in a healthy way.

#3- Good Food Near You

This is a perfect application for those who travel often and want to stay fit in the same time. You will get recommendations on places that offer healthy foods, depending on your GPS location and chosen prefered nutrition and diet type. Then, you can choose one of the suggestions and you will be presented with a list of healthy foods along with its calories, fats, and carbohydrates. When you decide where to eat, the application will guide you to the place you want. It is very convenient and useful.

#4- GymGoal ABC

A good, balanced diet should be strengthened with good and proper physical activity. GymGoal ABC is one of the best fitness apps for iPhones. Learn the correct exercising posture, fitness alphabet through more than 250 types of exercises supported by animations and written instructions.

#5- Supplements Guide

This iOS app guides you through the most beneficial fitness supplements which will help regenerate your body after a hard training. Sometimes, it may be difficult to keep a balanced nutrients intake when on diet. This may weaken your body and prevent you from exercising and even losing weight in the end. This app can help you choose the right supplements and achieve better overall organize your diet and exercising better.

Best diet apps on Samsungs

Samsung phones supported apps are rather versatile and those looking for a healthy diet app will find lots of useful ones. These applications will help you calculate and count calories, choose the perfect menu, calculate your BMI and provide tips and tricks on the best diet for your body type. Furthermore, people love these apps because they keep you motivated and you can track your daily and weekly progress. Lots of them have the integrated heart rate monitor and other useful tools not only for diet, but for suitable fitness exercise as well. Here are the best diet apps on Samsungs.

#1- MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter & Fitness Tracker

This is certainly one of the most popular applications of this type currently on the market for Samsung users. This application has everything that a person on a diet needs. There’s a base of over 2 million diet recipes! The application automatically remembers your favorite dishes, so it recommends those that are similar to them. How convenient! Many of those who have used it have only words of praise. Most Android market comments on this app are very positive.

#2- Fooducate

This application, despite being free, is not used as often as the MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter & Fitness Tracker app. However, it is a very good app, but in a different way. It has a completely different approach to diets. Its focus is not only on losing weight but also on changing eating habits. With this application you can monitor calorie intake and loss. It gives you information on food quality by showing all the nutrition values of the food you eat. It also helps you put together a list of healthy foods.

#3- Endomondo

This is not a diet app, but rather a fitness app. Actually, it is one of the best fitness motivation apps in the market suitable for Samsung phones as well. It is important to exercise in the same time when you are on a diet. If you don’t exercise, you might encounter saggy skin problem after losing weight. Also, the weight you lost might bounce back after your diet. Regular exercising will prevent this. This app has millions of users around the world. It uses GPS to keep track of how much you walk, run or ride a bike and helps you have a clear view of how much you actually practice and how many calories you lose.

Quintessential camping experience is assured with best camping spots in Colorado

Colorado has plentiful breathtaking mountain scenery that you will find endless best camping spots in Colorado. There are so many sites that you have to decide where to go.

Maroon Bells near Aspen
Maroon Bells are the iconic scenes located on Maroon Creek Road that mirror Maroon Lake as 14’ers twin set. Within the West Maroon Creek woods are three campgrounds: Silver Queen, Silver Bell and Silver Bar offering walk-in sites great for tent camping, available from late May to September. If you wish to avoid big crowds, visit during September second half and enjoy the brilliant golden leaves set.

If you are taking a glock make sure you have a good glock 19 holster with you. Colorado is liberal with guns but not crazy liberal. So you will need to conceal it.

Moraine Park
For quintessential camping experience in Colorado, you can pitch your tent at Rocky Mountain National Park, Moraine Park campground. You may get to see the mule deer, elk, and coyotes wandering by the nearby meadow. Enjoy easy access to Estes Park town and enjoy the views offering a memorable camping experience. Get out and explore using free shuttles available connecting to Bear Lake trailheads and Estes Park shops and restaurants. There are 245 sites, year-round open campgrounds available, yet make a reservation if you plan between Memorial Weekend and September last.

Steamboat Lake near Steamboat Springs
One of the impressive state parks in Colorado is less than 30 miles from Steamboat Springs. It offers plenty of camping in scenic places and also features a marina offering a swim beach, watercraft rentals, hiking trails of 5.5 miles, and visitor center. Wildlife watchers may get to see shorebirds in variety, besides mule deer and red fox, and waterfowl in the wetland areas. There are traditional sites and camping available throughout the year. This includes camper cabins and winter camping in the marina parking with electric outlets. The winter activities include snowmobiling, ice fishing, and snow-shoeing or cross-country skiing as the area is enveloped by snow-capped mountains.

Mt Zirkel Wilderness
This place is at 9000 feet and is filled with jagged summits, brilliant blue alpine lakes, and scenic rivers offering more than 150 miles spectacular wilderness. You will be rewarded as you hike the two miles Seven Lakes Trail with viewing beautiful Big Creek Falls that is a spot moose. The campground is adjacent to the lake and it includes a boat ramp, water, toilets, in association with tent sites and RV.

Sunshine Campground, Telluride
For wilderness experience yet enjoying city amenities implies you can consider Sunshine Campground that is located at Telluride, eight miles to the south. It features dense aspen forest, spectacular Sunshine Park views, a small mountain lake, and tent-only campground with amenities such as water, toilets, vault, picnic tables, and fire grills, besides it is peaceful.

Is it better the run on a treadmill or outdoors?

Running is perhaps the best possible form of physical activity. It is the most similar activity to the human natural way of movement. If you are not heavily overweight and don’t have joints pain or damage, this is probably the very best choice for you too. Both the ultra runners, the professionals and the amateurs, common people who wish to exercise are often undecided between running on a treadmill and running outdoors and they usually look for professional answers. All experiments, scientific papers and experience show that running on a treadmill is easier and requires less energy than running outdoors.

What is the mechanism behind it?

The less energy statement is especially true when running at higher speeds. One of the reasons for this is the resistance force that increases with the speed of movement. Furthermore, the difference in oxygen consumption has not yet been sufficiently explored, which leads us to conclude that the greater the mechanical work we perform, the greater the energy consumption.

Therefore, if we want to objectively look at the differences between the treadmill and outdoors running, we need to know something about the forces in these two types of running and the role of gravity.

When running outdoors, we must use force larger than the force of gravity to run or to stop our body. When running on a treadmill, we must wait for the machine to start moving. This is the biggest difference between these two running types.

How do the muscles react?

The next thing to observe is the difference in work of the muscles. On a treadmill, our main task is to keep the upper part of our body in sync with our feet following the machine. When running outdoors, our main task is to “catch” the upper part of our body and stop the excessive body movements regardless of the terrain configuration. These two things are completely different both physiologically and psychologically. Obviously, the second case is much more demanding  and it therefore, somewhat unexpectedly, represents the better choice for endurance running.

Despite the further-faster-forever imperatives imposed on the sportists, we can conclude that running outdoors is the better choice. Last, but not the least reason for this statement is the fresh air consumption and the air resistance. In these ways, outdoors running increases your endurance, lung capacity and strength better than the treadmill running.

The Top 5 diets that are a must try in 2018

In 2018 people are looking to eat more healthily for various reasons such as a technique to shed off some extra weight. Nutritionist all-round the globe are looking for new recipes to make organic diets that are healthy. There are several diets that are competitively making their mark among the top 5 diets of 2018. The ranking of the diets is done by the panel of healthy food experts based on several aspects such as health related safety, the effectiveness of the diet to achieve the intended purpose in the body both instantly and after certain duration of time.

Dash Diet

This diet known as the dash diet has been specifically created for individuals that have a blood pressure that is high. The diet consists of lean proteins, assortment of fruits, dairy that is low fat, whole grain and vegetables. There are certain types of foods that individuals are supposed to avoid such as certain type of oils, sweets, fat that is saturated, beverages containing sugar and  dairy products containing full-fat.

Mediterranean diet

The name of the diet originates from the feeding habits of individuals residing in the Mediterranean nations. This diet has been associated with healthy eating and good health over the years which explain why it is on the list of top 5 diets in 2018. The diet mostly consists of vegetables, fruits, olive oil, nuts and fish.

Flexitarian diet

The name of the diet is derived from the combination of the words vegetarian and flexible. The diet is aimed at promoting vegetarian dishes to be consumed more regularly in order for individuals to maintain, gain or regain good health. The dishes do not necessary mean that one has to do away with meat dishes.

Weight Watchers

This dish has gained its popularity due to promotion by celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey. This diet aims at establishing a standard quantity or amount of food that each individual is supposed to consume in a single day. The smallest portion of the meal should consist of high nutrient foods while the high percentage consists of sweets. Learning the right portions of food to consume is essential for our health which explains why the diet has gained its popularity among the top 5 diets in 2018. Visit Weight Watchers here.

Mind diet

The diet is mainly aimed on the protection of the brain. With a mix of both Mediterranean and Dash diets, it helps in prevention of diseases such as Alzheimer and is also said to control brain death according to research hence its appearance among the top 5 diets in 2018. It’s mainly advised that one should observe consumption of brain healthy food groups and avoid red meat and foods with high levels of cholesterol, such as butter, cheese and fast foods.