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How Much Weight Can You Lose on Ketosis

Weight Loss Introduction

Weight loss is a key outcome of a ketogenic diet and is becoming very popular. Most people on ketogenic diets are concerned on how much weight they can lose while in ketosis. This post provides insights into the factors affecting weight loss and how much weight you can expect to lose in ketosis.

Factors Affecting Weight Loss on Ketosis

Each person is different and can experience varying weight loss on ketosis is the real answer they most people don’t want to hear. The following factors affect the extent of weight loss you can experience on ketosis:

Current Health Condition: Your overall health condition decides how fast you lose weight. If you have any metabolic or hormonal problems then it will take longer for you to lose weight.

Body Composition: Weight loss depends on your body composition also. If you have higher excessive weight (you are obese) then you will experience rapid weight loss in the beginning on ketosis more so than someone who is skinny.

Daily Habits: Your daily habits also decide weight loss. If you take junk food or carbohydrate then you may take longer for weight loss. Energy you spend daily and quality of diet decides your weight loss.

Fat Adaption Period: Your body needs time for fat adaptation which is dependent on metabolism. If you have been taken standard diet and not used to ketone then it will take longer for fat adaptation. You will experience weight loss only when your body starts running on ketones.

Expected Weight Loss

Everyone loses weight differently on ketosis. However, on an average, you can expect the following weight loss experience during different time periods of ketosis.
First Week – Fast Water Weight Loss
The first week is when you will experience fastest weight loss. You can expect to lose up to 10 pounds also during the first week. Your body releases a lot of water weight in the first week due to lower carbohydrate intake.
Short and Medium Term- Steady Weight Loss
After a couple of weeks, the weight loss will be more stable and steadier. Your body starts to burning fat in this period instead of burning carbs and this will help you lose weight. You can expect to lose 0.5-1 Kg of weight per week.
Long Term: Slow Weight Loss
In the long-term, as you get closer to your weight loss goal, the weight loss slows down. As you start losing weight, your body’s calorie intake also reduces, hence even if you are on a low-calorie diet, it will not make much difference to your body. You should continue to be in ketosis and ensure your body loses weight and remains healthy.